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High school student scores perfectly on ACT and SAT

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (USANN4) — How were your A-C-T scores?     Probably not like Charles Worlock’s.    Worlock, a senior from Blue Valley North High School in Kansas, scored a perfect 36 A-C-T.  And just to make you mad—–he went on to score and a perfect 2400 on his S-A-T.    A perfect S-A-T score is a rare achievement.  So is a perfect A-C-T.  But to score perfectly on both of them is unheard of.

Most colleges require either an ACT or SAT score to help them reach an applicant’s academic level.    Students are required to take the ACT in Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee and Wyoming.

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Reminder: Today is last day to withdraw from a class

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –Today is the last day for students who have fallen hopelessly behind to withdraw from their classes.  After today, faculty members are required to give students a letter grade for the semester.