Halloween goodies, yes; ice cream for faculty, no

 Summit staff report

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Yes, the near future holds Halloween treats like caramel apples and cookies will be available.   But, no, there will not be any free ice cream for faculty who voted in the election for president of the Academic Senate.

The Halloween goodies will be distributed at 3 p.m. at Griffin Gate on Friday, Oct. 29.  Everyone is invited to show up in Halloween costume.

As for the ice cream, there was a slight mishap.  After faculty members cast their ballots electronically in the election in which Sue Gonda is running unopposed for Academic Senate president, an electronic note popped up on their computers thanking them for voting and saying they could turn in a stub for a free ice cream.

In a subsequent note to faculty, the current Academic Senate president Chris Hill explained the situation:

” You recently received a ballot (or ballots) for the current Academic Senate election.  As you might remember, we first used an electronic voting system two years ago through an outside contractor.  This year we are fortunate to conduct the balloting in-house through our Institutional Research Office using a template that was developed for last year’s Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) election. 

“As we made adjustments to the ballot template, we missed changes to the final confirmation page.  It is therefore important to note that, although I am sure that the ASGC is supportive of our senate election, they are not offering free ice cream if you vote.”


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