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‘Tin’ has comforting message for elementary school students

By Donald H. Harrison

Donald H. Harrison


GROSSMONT COLLEGE–  Theatre Arts Prof. Jerry Hager wrote and directed Tin, an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” that will be taken on tour at local elementary schools from now through Dec. 9.   Like many fairy tales, it has an important lesson.

Previewed on Saturday, Oct. 23 at Grossmont College’s Stagehouse Theatre before an appreciative matinee audience, the dramatic fairy tale imagines that an evil Jack-in-the-Box (Ryan Payne) has stolen the laughter from a little boy (Franceso Valenti), causing great worry for the boy’s father (Adrian Brown), and aunt (Angela Luevano). 

The plight of the family prompts the toys of the household to devise a plot for getting the laughter back.  The ballerina (Shay Tyler), with the help of a teddy bear (Kelly-Noelle Henry) and a music monkey (Andrea Gardner) decide to lure Jack out of his box to dance while the soldier Tin (Alonzo Jackson) breaks into the box to find the laughter.  The toymaker (Jade Wise), who serves as the narrator of the story, heightens the excitement by drafting the audience to provide the sound effects of a tenth character in the play: the trapped laughter.

The one-act play includes a brief recitation by the toymaker of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, familiar to anyone who watched the Disney animated movie Fantasia 2000, in which a tin soldier with only one leg falls in love with a ballerina standing on one foot, mistakenly thinking that she is like him.  Clearly this story is different than that one, as is demonstrated when our tin soldier comes onto the stage with both legs very much intact.  But as the play progresses, the issue of a one-legged soldier is revisited.

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Playing hard not enough; Grossmont loses 20-34 to Mt. San Antonio

Roland Brooks scores first Grossmont touchdown

Photos by Andy Wilhelm

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The football game against Mt. SAC started off so well on Saturday, Oct. 23.  Grossmont scored two field goals followed by a touchdown on a pass from Ryan Woods to Roland Brooks.  The point-after kick was good.  13-0.   But then Mt. SAC scored a touchdown on a short run, and its point-after was also good.  At the end of the first quarter the score was 13-7.

Grossmont defense stops Mt. SAC runner

Grossmont would like to erase the second quarter, if not from the scoreboard, at least from its nightmares.  Mt. SAC got one touchdown on a run, another on a long pass.  Both point after kicks were good.  And as the buzzer for the first half was about to sound, Mt.SAC kicked a field goal.  What a reversal of fortune!  Mt. SAC 24, Grossmont 13. Continue reading