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Campus-wide fire alarm test set for Sunday, Oct. 17

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) –The campus  fire alarm system will be tested at 9:05 am  Sunday, October 17, according to Tim Flood, vice president for administration. The test will confirm that all the fire alarm panels respond by turning on the horns and strobes for 15 seconds at the same time.  The system is being tested in preparation for Thursday’s Great California Shake Out Drill.

The system is being tested on a Sunday to minimize disruption.  Public Safety and local area police and fire departments will be notified that we are conducting a test to ensure emergency services are not dispatched.

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Events told for Oct 18-23 Spirit Week on Grossmont campus

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) is sponsoring a series of contests and other events during Spirit Week, which this year will run from October 18 to October 23.

Events Monday through Thursday will run from 11-1 at the Upper East Quad (the grassy knoll near Sodexo’s new location).

Monday will have a hula hoop contest and a root beer pong contest, as well as music and prizes.

Tuesday will feature a mini-soccer game and a water balloon toss, as well as music and prizes. Students are also encouraged to support the Grossmont women’s soccer team at their 1 pm game on the football field.

On Wednesday students can play mini-volleyball, compete in a 3-legged race, and buy (at “non-Sodexo prices”) hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, water, and lemonade at the student-sponsored BBQ. Proceeds will go towards a Grossmont student scholarship fund. 

Thursday is “Wear Green and Gold” day. The action moves to the Main Quad, with the BBQ and musical entertainment by “Republic of Letters” and “Yung D.“ Benefit sticker holders are eligible for a gift card drawing.

On Friday morning donuts and coffee will be sold at the Upper East Quad.  The Woman’s Volleyball team will play Southwestern at the Gym at 5 pm.

Finally, on Saturday, the football Griffins battle Mt. Sac at 1 pm on the football field, in a battle of top-ranked teams.    – William Dudley

Result of Grossmont vs. Cuyamaca women’s soccer? Exactly what Chancellor Cindy Miles would say if asked which college is better

Sisters Ashley and Ann Schramm hug in celebration of Ashley's game-tying goal (Photo: Andy Wilhelm)

By Brennan Wasan

Brennan Wasan

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — On a gloomy afternoon in October, the Grossmont Griffins hosted the Cuyamaca Coyotes in what turned out to be a very physical and evenly matched game.

Through the first 25 minutes of the Oct. 15 contest, the ball seemed to stay in the middle portion of the field showing an unbiased game. However, in the 26th minute the Griffins committed a tacky foul that rewarded the Coyotes a free kick.

Annie Garcia, #12, set up the ball about 10 yards out on the left side of the field and delivered a perfect ball into the box. After failure to clear  it, Vanessa Guzman knocked the ball in the back of the net that was floating on the goal line.

The physicality and stubborn defense presented by both teams proved to be efficient as they allowed only one goal in the first half between the two of them.

The Griffins, though, had their share of opportunities when in the 23rd minute Janeth Bahena had an uncontested shot taken at the top of the box.  The opportunity was there to be on target had she taken an extra touch to control it.

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Flood outlines relationship between Sodexo and Grossmont College

Grossmont VP Tim Flood displays cover of Sodexo action plan

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — What is the relationship between Sodexo and Grossmont College?  As controversy swirled on campus about the quality of Sodexo’s service, the man in charge of food on campus, Tim Flood, Grossmont’s Vice President for Administrative Services, graciously took a few minutes to answer some questions

Flood chairs the Food Service Advisory Committee that meets periodically to discuss food-related issues. 

He said that Sodexo is the latest on a long line of private vendors. Flood recalled Aeromark as the food vendor when he started at Grossmont a decade ago. That was followed by Fresh ‘n Natural, Aztec Shops, and finally Sodexo.

The process of selecting a food vendor is an exhaustive one.  The GCCCD calls for private companies to submit bids (RFPs), which are then reviewed by the district. A committee of staff, faculty and students do taste tests, visit other colleges or sites the vendor serves, all to make a recommendation for whom to select. Then the district has to negotiate the contract itself. The process can take months.

Sales are significantly down from last year. Flood said that the disruption caused by construction undoubtedly has a role. He also said sales last year may have been abnormally  high because faculty and staff did not park on campus at all (during parking lot construction) and were shuttled in instead, leaving them even more “trapped” on campus and dependent on Sodexo for lunch. Grossmont is affected by this because Grossmont College makes money off of Sodexo food sales. According to the current contract, the first half million in “net sales” that Sodexo earns in a year is theirs to keep. Grossmont gets a 6 percent commission, or $30,000, on the next half million, and a 7 percent commission, or $35,000, for the following half million.

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Full-time grants officer named for Grossmont-Cuyama CC District

CUYAMACA COLLEGE (Press Release) — Executive Dean Henri Migala will move to the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Auxiliary to help create a comprehensive system for grants development and administration, Chancellor Cindy L. Miles has announced.

“With California experiencing the worst budget crisis in community college history, it is more important than ever that we diversify our funding streams and seek revenues from numerous sources, including grants,” Miles said.

“We have been hampered in this respect because no one within our District has been dedicated full-time to this task.  Henri has been gallantly juggling grants development at Cuyamaca College with other responsibilities.  His movement to the Auxiliary for full-time grants development and coordination will enable us to develop a strategic approach for seeking the significant resources that are available through federal, state, and private foundations.”

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