Campus Photo Diary … by Stephen Harvey

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Stephen Harvey, the official campus photographer,  had a busy September with scheduled and unscheduled events.

An example of the former was the concert Sept. 10 featuring violinist Mikhail Dvoskin and pianist Ekaterina Petrosyan.

What better example of an unscheduled event than the rainbow Harvey spotted over the campus on Sept. 30?

In between these two photographic opportunities, there was plenty for Harvey to see, record and enjoy.   In sports, for example, the women’s volleyball posed for him before their Sept. 15  victory over Santa Ana in three straight games.

Goalie Cora Setzer of the Women’s Water Polo Squad posed for a campus publicity shot:

And Ashley Schramm advanced the ball Sept. 21 in the Grossmont Women’s Soccer team’s 6-0 victory over Mira Costa.

The evening of Thursday, Sept. 23, found Harvey shooting busily at the Main Quad and the Tech Mall.

He photographed Caitlin Sommers, an art major, looking dreamily over Grossmont College’s Walk of Fame, and students in the Tech Mall concentrating on their computers.


A week later, on Thursday, Sept. 30, members of the administration joined by students, faculty and staff celebrated Grossmont College’s selection by readers of the Union-Tribune as the best college in the county.  Originally, the photo was to have been taken outdoors, but rain diminished the hoped-for crowd and moved the event indoors.

An evening scene completed Harvey’s September essay:

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