Grants available for programs reflecting campus diversity

 To the Editor

The World Arts and Cultures Committee (WACC) is soliciting applications of grant requests for funding of on-campus arts and cultural events to occur in the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters. The events that will be funded must fit within the Committee’s charge, which is:

“The World Arts and Cultures Committee aims to foster a climate of appreciation and respect for the diversity of values, ideas and cultural expressions represented by our students, staff, faculty and surrounding community. We will strive to accomplish our mission by bringing cultural events on campus reflecting the college’s position in today’s global society.”

The WACC grant request form may be found on its website. Grant requests for events scheduled to occur in the Fall 2010 semester should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office as soon as possible to allow time for deliberation by Committee members. The WACC Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month to consider grants. Requests will be considered as they are submitted on a “rolling basis” with earlier submissions preferred (please allow at least three weeks for approval).

Requests with missing details, requiring extra time seeking clarification or additional information, may not be funded. Also, requests submitted just prior to the event may not be funded. We look forward to working with campus groups to support their events.

Agustin Albarran
Associate Dean, Student Affairs


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